Corbin seats

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I guess it depends on how many nerve endings you have back there. Perhaps Dave Beard and I have too large of a surface area which emcompasses many more nerve endings..

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Hey!  Who you callin' numb butt???  I like my Corbin (courtesy of an excellent discount from Mr. Chris Chalk) and while it's hard, it never leaves me sore.  Please refrain from making lewd comments.  The vinyl is starting to crack, though, and it needs to be recovered.  As for break-in, it was years past that when I got it.

Paul in Ohio
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>   sell the Corbin to some other poor sap. (no offense to any listers with numb
>   enough butts to enjoy sitting on those torture racks Corbin sells as seats)
>   ;-)
>   YAMV (Your Ass May Vary)
>   Dave B
>   John Soliday wrote:

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