Issues! HELP!

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Sat May 23 07:26:08 PDT 2009

You are adjusting both sides of the rear wheel adusters aren't you?  Hard to
explain and maybe obvious but you adjust both sides of the swingarm, the
right side will not move when adjusting just the left.

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I'm having mechanical issues right now and it's confusing the hell out of
me. For starters it has a vibration that started happening around 65mph, now
it's worked it's way down to 40mph. So something's getting worse. The other
issue I'm having (which could be the root cause) is that when I set my chain
tension, the left alignment tab is moving aft about 1/4 notch while the
right doesn't move at all. The real confusing part is, that despite the axel
moving aft, my chain tension is becoming more and more slack. I haven't
pulled the chain yet to check the length on it, but I don't think the chain
has more than 10k on it. The chain is getting loose enough that it's running
along the chain guard on the top of the swing arm and leaving black plastic
flakes all over my left pipe. I'm a bit paranoid to ride it long distances
in it's condition. Any ideas? I'm tightening the rear axle bolts to 80 lb/ft
as stated in my manual so I know that's not the cause...

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