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Going to check this NOW!!!

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> If the chain truly has 36K on it I would think that is some kind of world 
> record ;-)  Also, if it's worn out the shop should have noticed, amazing 
> if they said it was fine so something doesn't make sense.  Put the bike on 
> the centerstand and pull on the chain from the center rear of the rear 
> sprocket.  If you can pull enough chain off the sprocket to see a gap 
> between the chain and sprocket (at the low end between two teeth) then it 
> is really toasted.
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> John, I haven't noticed any unusual wear. Then again, I don't know what
> unusual wear is since this is my first chain drive. I had the bike in for
> the 36k service about two weeks ago and they stated that the chain looked
> fine. I asked them to adjust it, but I guess they forgot to do it because 
> it
> had the same amount of slack in it as before I took it in. I have noticed
> that the chain seems very warm almost on the verge of hot after riding it
> for 40+ miles. It almost seems like it is getting hot enough to re-liquefy
> the chain lube. I also noticed some red spots on the chain when using a
> different type of chain lube. I recently changed to Silkolene and I no
> longer have those red spots. I don't see any kind of rubbing on the rear
> sprocket and it seems to be meshing properly. The chain doesn't look like 
> it
> has any grooves being cut into it at any location. I posted a few weeks 
> ago
> asking what order the pieces went back together for the rear axle but only
> received one reply stating that it was correct. When I took the rear wheel
> off, everything just fell apart and I wasn't able to see what order and
> direction they were in originally. I'm pretty certain the manual has it
> wrong. Oh, and yes I am adjusting both sides of the swing arm. I even went
> as far as to pull the adjusters and set them using a digital micrometer 
> and
> then matching the turns side for side. The left side tab has moved rear 
> 1/2
> an alignment notch while the left has not moved at all and my chain is 
> still
> looser than it was. I found out that the chain has never been replaced and
> has 36k on it. How long is a chain expected to last? The manual just 
> states
> to check and replace if necessary.
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>> You might have a chain with uneven wear.  If you carefully rotate the 
>> rear
>> wheel and check the chain tension at different points, does the chain
>> tension vary like from 1/2" in one place to like an 1"+ in others?  If so
>> the chain is toast and so are the sprockets.  I never had a vibration 
>> from
>> this type of wear but if it were severe, maybe...
>> John
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>> I forgot to mention on the vibration. It doesn't vibrate while
>> decelerating or with the clutch disengaged. Only while trying to maintain
>> a speed or accelerating at the speeds already stated. No change while
>> using either brake. This leads me to believe it has something to do with
>> the drive line (clutch, chain, sprockets, wheel, etc.) or possibly the
>> transmission.
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>>      Stupid question, but are you tuning the adjustment screws on "both"
>> sides of the bike?
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>>        Ok, I may be way off, but maybe something I say may be a brain
>> nudger.
>>        When new, my bike had a BAD front end shimmy when decelerating 
>> from
>> 70 to 45. The guys at the stealership who did final assembly checked it
>> and said they didn't torque the front whell to speck and it was loose.
>>        As far as the chain goes, what first comes to mind is to have its
>> alignment checked at a shop. The front centerline may be different than
>> the rear. causing it to sit out more on one end. that would affect it's
>> overall tightness, it would be looser on either the left or right side of
>> a sprocket. I say go to the dealer and have it checked. Perhaps they can
>> tell you what is wrong. In that case ask how much to fix and upon their
>> answer, say you're gonna have to go work out some finances cause things
>> are kinda tight right now, more than you anticipated, yadda yadaa. Then 
>> go
>> home and fix it and silently thank them for the free diagnostic. This has
>> worked for me for years on cars.
>>        Unrelated to your problem, when I was breaking my clutch free
>> yesterday I just threw a seat on the holes in back real quick. Didn't
>> check to make sure it was on right in the front. Now my seat won't come
>> off. Any ideas?
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>>        > I'm having mechanical issues right now and it's confusing the
>> hell out of me. For starters it has a vibration that started happening
>> around 65mph, now it's worked it's way down to 40mph. So something's
>> getting worse. The other issue I'm having (which could be the root cause)
>> is that when I set my chain tension, the left alignment tab is moving aft
>> about 1/4 notch while the right doesn't move at all. The real confusing
>> part is, that despite the axel moving aft, my chain tension is becoming
>> more and more slack. I haven't pulled the chain yet to check the length 
>> on
>> it, but I don't think the chain has more than 10k on it. The chain is
>> getting loose enough that it's running along the chain guard on the top 
>> of
>> the swing arm and leaving black plastic flakes all over my left pipe. I'm
>> a bit paranoid to ride it long distances in it's condition. Any ideas? 
>> I'm
>> tightening the rear axle bolts to 80 lb/ft as stated in my manual so I
>> know that's not the cause...
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