Issues! HELP!

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Agreed old age and treachery will always triumph over youth and skill ;-)

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> If the chain truly has 36K on it I would think that is some kind of world 
> record ;-)

I don't think so.  My GPZ had 66,000 km (44,000 miles) when I sold it.  It 
had the original chain.  The chain had been lubed (spray stuff) every 2nd 
tank of fuel and cleaned with diesel fuel every fall.  I didn't disassemble 
the chain.  I also did not read through the entire jolt.  Whoa!! its ok 
Jethro they'll only tease you forever.
The chain being original actually helped sell the bike.  The prospective 
buyer assumed I didn't drive the shit out of it.
It passed 240 km/hr more than twice, but I took a friend's advice on 
straight line acceleration.  If you're not a pro: -  get it moving, get it 
straight, get your feet on the pegs and put her "all balls to the wall".
 Even as old as the GPz is there is not a lot of stuff out there that can 
shame it in 1/8 - 1/4 mile.
A lot of cowboys half way thru an uncontrollable on the line wheelie can't 
figure old how some old pucker on some old bike just blew the paint off his 


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