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Sat May 23 20:41:46 PDT 2009

That spacer should fall out when removing the wheel. Nope, it's not inside between two bearings.

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Isn't this set between two bearings inside the sprocket carrier? If it is, then it would not have come out as I didn't remove any bearings. If it's not, then it either didn't fall out or was not there to begin with. Also, I ended up ordering front and rear sprockets and a new chain. I'll double check the spacer in question when I put the new chain and sprockets on. My main concern was the orientation of the other two spacers and the fact that everything is reversed from the diagram.

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> Hi, Just had a look at the diagram I've attached which is from the Kawasaki
> site. Looks like its wrong as I had mine off today to replace the cush
> drive.
> The spacer at the bottom of the diagram 92143 should fit between the wheel
> assembly and the rear brake calliper bracket, with the larger shoulder
> against the calliper bracket. 2nd the comment about you not mentioning the
> spacer 42036 in the sprocket carrier.
> Cheers
> Steve
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> Ok, maybe I'm a little slow today, or it's just because I'm new to this
> chain thing, but what is MAW? and what is a DID 530VM chain? is that
> different than a standard chain?

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