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Good point on the rubber shims. Mine has those shims in there too.

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> Also, how do you know when the cush drive is going bad?

Clunkity, clunkity clunkity from the back end every time you take off, shift or other wise allow the chain to go slack then tighten it by using the throttle.
I have a good spare cush drive but I kind of wanted to get rid of it along with a rear wheel, hub, brake rotor and axle.  You can glue rubber (old inner tube pieces or roofing material) inside your hub to take up the slack of a dieing cush drive.  I think Scappaticci was stripping rubber membrane from his neighbor's roof (doesn't seem reasonable he'd have taken it from his own roof) to patch up his rear hub.
Found a new rear wheel bearing still in the box, some used brake pads, 3 shims 2.40 mm, 2.40 mm and 2.42 mm, a wire thingy (hope I'm not getting too technical) for guiding cables and brake lines, another Dzus fastener, oil drain bolt.


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