Question for you Ohio and West Virginia natives

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   Roads are so dang straight around here that a highway on ramp is about as
   thrilling as it gets!
   Dave B
   Dave Daniels wrote:

Mt. Vernon area is where my parents grew up. I grew up in Northern Ill. in Joli
et. Motorcycle riding is even less impressive up there. Just ask Mr. Beard. It 
can get somewhat hilly in the northwestern area of the state though. But I will
 say that there can be an impressive amount of game for hunting in S. Ill.

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But, I'm not. I'm from Illinois

I bin there --twice.  Should have stuck with once--came in from KY over the Ohi
o River down by Cairo over the Mississippi into MO.  I don't think I shifted ge
ars in Illinois just seemed to be a place to buy cigarettes, booze and firework
s. Total duration maybe 5 minutes.
The 2nd venture was 5 days later when I left Hot Springs Arkansas with the Fren
chman navgating.  We were a stones throw from the Texas border when we reversed
Came into Il on I-57 got fuel and dropped off the Frenchman at Mount Vernon and
 left via I-70.  It was unimpressive as motorcycle country (like southwestern O
ntario), but it did have a lot of excellent farm land , dead deer and cops.  I
do remember the Frenchman letting me slide into the lead (radar blocker) as we
entered the state.
Shoulda rode Hwy 64 through TN with Earl.



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