Question for you Ohio and West Virginia natives

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Might as well own a Boss Hogg or a Hardley

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>   Roads are so dang straight around here that a highway on ramp is about 
> as
>   thrilling as it gets!
>   Dave B
>   Dave Daniels wrote:
> Mt. Vernon area is where my parents grew up. I grew up in Northern Ill. in 
> Joli
> et. Motorcycle riding is even less impressive up there. Just ask Mr. 
> Beard. It
> can get somewhat hilly in the northwestern area of the state though. But I 
> will
> say that there can be an impressive amount of game for hunting in S. Ill.
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> But, I'm not. I'm from Illinois
> I bin there --twice.  Should have stuck with once--came in from KY over 
> the Ohi
> o River down by Cairo over the Mississippi into MO.  I don't think I 
> shifted ge
> ars in Illinois just seemed to be a place to buy cigarettes, booze and 
> firework
> s. Total duration maybe 5 minutes.
> The 2nd venture was 5 days later when I left Hot Springs Arkansas with the 
> Fren
> chman navgating.  We were a stones throw from the Texas border when we 
> reversed
> course.
> Came into Il on I-57 got fuel and dropped off the Frenchman at Mount 
> Vernon and
> left via I-70.  It was unimpressive as motorcycle country (like 
> southwestern O
> ntario), but it did have a lot of excellent farm land , dead deer and 
> cops.  I
> do remember the Frenchman letting me slide into the lead (radar blocker) 
> as we
> entered the state.
> Shoulda rode Hwy 64 through TN with Earl.
> Jim
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