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Both of the seals on the left side are prone to leak, both 
the shifter shaft seal and occasionally the output shaft 
seal.  IIRC, the shifter shaft seal can usually be gotten 
out fairly easily, sometime by using a dental pick or 
something similar.  I like to put a small amount of gasket 
seal around the outside of the seal.  I've gone at least 
five or more years since I replaced both of mine so I'm 

The countershaft/output shaft is harder.  You need to 
carefully drill small holes in it and insert sheetmetal 
screws then pull.  If you drill too deep you can drill into 
a bearing behind the seal.  Also you need to be careful 
reinstalling the new seal because there is no lip behind it 
and it is possible to push it right into the engine (don't 
ask how I know this).  Then you'd have top remove the whole 
cover which is a PITA.  Again a little gasket seal around 
the edges doesn't hurt.

Just be sure the oil isn't coming from the new chain or 
over oiling first before doing all this.

Charles S.

>If I remember correctly, it just involves removing the 
>shifter lever, prying out the old seal and installing the 
>new one. Correct me Charles.
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