adjusting chain off the stand

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But the swingarm moves in a constant radius arc, relative to the front sprocket.  If (for some reason) the rear wheel moved straight vertically up and down you would have a different tension, but I think it's constant with normal bike swingarm geometries.  I've always adjusted my chain on the center stand, mainly so I could rotate the tire and see if there are any tight/loose spots on it.  But then maybe I'm missing something....

Also the service manual describes adjusting the chain on the center stand.

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Your swing arm moves up and down in an arc. This causes the chain to 
tighten and loosen slightly as the swing arm moves up and down. If you 
adjust the chain on the center stand, you are making the adjustment at 
the end of the arc instead of the "center" and your chain may become too 
tight when the rear shock is compressed when you hit a bump in the road.

William K. Denton wrote:
>    I've always adjusted chains on the stand... pls explain, tks.
>    Bill in Yardley, PA
>    wkdenton at
>    May 29, 2009 09:23:16 AM, davidebeard at wrote:
>    Also, make sure you adjust the chain with the rear wheel on the ground,
>    not on the centerstand.

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