adjusting chain off the stand

Rickard Olsson richie at
Fri May 29 14:42:02 PDT 2009

Marilyn Mason wrote:
> I was basically trapped in my garage sitting on my bike.

What I did was I bought a plastic disc (similar to this one: 
) that I drilled a hole in and ran a length of nylon wire through. On 
the other end of the wire I tied an O-ring that fits over the handlebar. 
This contraption sits rolled-up in my jacket pocket until I park on 
gravel, grass, hot asphalt or other soft surface at which time I unroll 
it by holding the O-ring and dropping the plastic plate down under the 
sidestand and put the O-ring on the handlebar. I don't have to lean 
down, risking to loose my footing. When I want to leave, I just pull it 
up by the wire, put it in my pocket and go. Doesn't get any easier than 
that. :-)

/ Richie

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