adjusting chain off the stand

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Fri May 29 10:44:47 PDT 2009

And the bike magically sits still for this??  Or do you suspend it from a 
cloud with a sky hook and 80 feet of shoireline ?
Christ I couldn't even check the oil level in my bike without the centre 
stand.  Damn near had the strom come down on my pumpkin when I tried.  Would 
have soiled a good hat.
This is the reason I installed the centre stand.
 After the trip throough Labrador with Steve, Mike, Bill & Bruce, I found 
the side stand needing assistance in soft ground.  I carry a plastic disc to 
place under the stand on soft ground but the cord (made up for the GPz) 
would just reach the clutch lever on the strom and was a bitch to get under 
the stand.
I noticed Beemer Mike had someone install a hockey puck (hockey see previous 
email on center stand installation).  A puck is a cylindrical disc of 
extemely hard rubber used as a missle in hockey.  It will travel at about 
trhe speed of light abd can remove teeth faster than a team of dentists.
 If you look at a goal tender (goalie) in hockey, he has a face mask, chest 
protector, boys cup, arm pads, armored shorts, lower leg pads, armored 
skates and gloves--actually the only place not well protected on a goalie is 
about 2" of his throat.  The object of the game is to hit the goalie in the 
throat with the puck.
I thought this puck on the bottom of the side stand to be a great idea as it 
would not allow the bike to simk into soft terrain and made the bike stand 
up a little straighter making it easier for an old guy like me to heave up 
Like most Canadians I have several spare (maybe 20) pucks.  I went out to 
the garage with puck, power drill, bits, screw driver and several screws.  I 
drilled 2 holes in the foot of the side stand.  Then I screwed the puck to 
the bottom of the side stand.
I got on the bike, flipped up the side stand, and then pushed the bike off 
the centre stand.  I reached up with my left foot to put down the side stand 
and found the puck was jammed against the centre stand and the side stand 
would not go down.  I could not lean the right side of the bike against the 
garage wall as it was too far over. I could not get off the bike as it was 
too close  to an extension ladder hanging on the wall. I could not get the 
centre stand down as I have to be able to heave back on the bike.
I was basically trapped in my garage sitting on my bike.  Fortunately my 
wife came out and I was able to get her to hold the bike while I got off it.
She hasn't come to my rescue since the wheel bearing insidence.

Jim who is just back off the river from test running an old Evinrude 9.5HP.

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