A few parts

Thomas Hoy thoy at clearwire.net
Sat May 30 10:34:30 PDT 2009

Anyone out there have an aftermarket 4-1 of some kind for 
The '83-84 A1/A2 GPz and/or an undented gas tank for the same creature?

Don't care about color on the tank.  I'm getting ready to paint, and I have
a few dents in my tank.  I have been weighing the difference between
fighting w/ the dents and bondo sanding and paying someone for an
already-smooth tank.  Smooth tank wins, hands down if anybody has one. 

Also if someone has a set of those dual headlights lying around, I would
love to suck those up as well.  

BTW- . a black '96 on Sacramento Craigslist. $3k


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