GPZList Digest, Vol 30, Issue 28

schnowz schnowz at
Sat May 30 18:22:34 PDT 2009

 How come I get a visual of this Newspaper headline..

"Woman buys abandoned house and opens garage door to find decayed skeleton 
pinned under motorcycle with half finished  pack of Canadian long necks just 
out of grasp.."

Pete S

> From: "Marilyn Mason"
>I reached up with my left foot to put down the side stand
> and found the puck was jammed against the centre stand and the side stand
> would not go down.  I could not lean the right side of the bike against 
> the
> garage wall as it was too far over. I could not get off the bike as it was
> too close  to an extension ladder hanging on the wall. I could not get the
> centre stand down as I have to be able to heave back on the bike.
> I was basically trapped in my garage sitting on my bike. 

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