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Sat May 30 20:58:51 PDT 2009

friday morning I left to meet Jerry at 4:20 AM. We took off from the Gulf statiuon at exit 62 and headed west to meet randy. As I got to exit 53 the GPZ started to lose power. I  pulled off the exit and got it to the shell station at the corner of commack rd and express drive North. we pulled the tank off and saw nothing disconnected , but when we put  it back on everything ran fine. I didn't want to take a chance so I went back home and loaded up the YZF. BTW it was raining lightly the whole time this was going on. So now Jerry and I took off again and it started to pour. By now it was almost 7 AM soi we went to Ihop to wait out the deluge. We sat there over two hours and finally it slowed enough so we took off and went to meet Randy at exit 39. By the time we got to him everything had dried up. We breezed through manhattan and out the other side to Jersey. we made good time goinig through PA untill the rain started again. we went through this 3 times going through PA, until we were just bout through it when the sun came out and everything stayed pretty nice. we decided to make roanoke, which was about a hundred miles closer then Kingsport, Tn. So we arrived in Roanoke around 10 PM, We found a Days Inn that accomdated us right away. we all lsleot well and headed out saturday morning early after breakfast, and hit the road by 8:30. 
The road (81) was beautiful all the way down.Weather was perfect.the 3 bikes performed great and the  highway down was excellent. We did 520 miles friday and about the same saturday. When we arived at the hotel tonight (Hampton Inn) the dick behind the counter wouldn't give us a cot for the 3rd guy. he c;laimed he was teh only person on duty and couldn't bring it up. When we said we would do it he said "No you can't." So we cancelled the room and went to a Holiday Inn express that gave us a suite for less money per night. Tonight we went out to Southside, the part of Birmingham made famous by Huey Lewis and the news many years ago and ate real southern BBQ at a place called "Nick and Jim's" Then we went to  a few bars before heading back to the room Via cab (What? You thought we were drinking and riding? I think not!) So tomorrow we hit the museum when they open, I can't wait!

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