2nd last ride of the year

keelhauld keelhauld at optonline.net
Tue Nov 10 02:04:17 PST 2009

Most folks who see the bike like it. Some folks believe it or not don't even 
realize it's a V-Rod. I think a lot of folks think of the original anodized 
aluminium looking bikes from the early years.

So far I have had only a few issues with HD riders and they weren't even 
from airheads. I knew a guy that went from never been on a bike at age 35 
and somehow by age 38 was a die hard 'airhead' and hated anything that 
wasn't his idea of a true Harley. Hell I have been riding bikes since I was 
12, got my license and first bike at 17 and it's now close to 30 years later 
so a few tools like this guy don't mean anything to me.

If you get a chance to take one on a test ride, I would do it.

I'm happy with both the V-Rod and the GPz...and both are the perfect 

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> The HD hard asses don't consider the V Rod as a true Harley Davidson. 
> They had a similar out look on the XLCR. This was a performance minded 
> Cafe racer (CR) with a 1000 cc sportster engine that developed more 
> horsepower than any previous licencable HD. 

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