HID H4 headlight on fleabay

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Thanks for the feedback, I thought the color temp was a bit extreme but
apparently you can choose your color temp when you order.  I'm also looking
for something for my Vrod as well.  Headlight modulators are great for being
seen in the daylight but as I've gotten older, I'd like more light at night.
I can't do this with the single bulb H4 on the GPZ, but on the Vrod I'm
thinking about an HID low beam and a modulator on a standard halogen bulb on
the high beam (it's a two bulb setup).  Darn "old" tech GPZ with only one
bulb ;-)



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That first kit looks very like mine & they look like reasonably good  
waterproof connectors. Feedbacks not perfect but they have shifted a  
lot of kit and when u do that you'll sooner or later sell to an  
impossible to please type! Only thing is that kits an 8000k which is  
quite a blue-white , mines a 6000k which is a much crisper white and  
is ok for the UK MOT test (annual roadworthiness inspection). Very  
good price, if it was me and they did a 6000k kit I'd take a punt .

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On 17 Nov 2009, at 19:03, "John Soliday" <johnsoliday at msn.com> wrote:

> This one looks like a good price but how does one decide???  Heck,  
> I've seen
> them for up to $300, more research I guess ;-)
> John
> ycle- 
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