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Steven Bixby steven at
Thu Nov 19 20:07:21 PST 2009

I've been using these guys with good success for about 5 years, for my and domains.   The price is pretty sweet, to
me - $60/year with registration included.  (Or it was, when I originally set
it up, now it's $6/mo.)

Service is quick and courteous and they can have it set up in an hour or two
of signing up; waiting for the DNS to propagate takes far longer than they
do.   I've only very rarely seen service interruptions.   The bandwidth
isn't the fastest, but for the cost, I think it's quite reasonable.  There's
a web-based control panel with all the features easily set up via
point-n-shoot, and full FTP access for pushing files out.

That said, there's a lot of these services out there, so YMMV.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 7:45 PM, <scapco at> wrote:

> Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can get a
> personal website?  I know zip about making one, and have
> been without one since my old provider shut down.  Cheaper
> is better.  I'd like to get some of my pics and stuff up on
> something other than Webshots or Facebook.
> Charles
> S.

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