Very sweet!

The Masons masonjs at
Sat Nov 21 14:26:50 PST 2009

> To add a bit of detail, the old port (and reed valve for that matter) 2
> strokes also always had roller bearing connecting rods, top and bottom.
> They were lubricated ONLY by the oil in the fuel/oil mix that was floating
> around in the bottom end.

Amazing they lasted as long

I've got an old green 1955 Johnson 10 HP twin 2 stroke outboard, still in 
excellent running condition with only one water pump impeller replaced, 
lower unit 90 SAE oil every season.  It originaly ran 20-1 mix of 30 SAE non 
detergent oil which required a lot of spark plug cleaning (but a great 
mosquito and black fly deterent).  With the newer 2 cycle oils it runs well 
on 40 -1.  Not too shabby for 54 years old.


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