stock jet settings?

andy burkard andyburkard at
Fri Oct 2 18:07:46 PDT 2009

hey all,
long time - lurk mode...  something about buying a C-14 i suppose...  ya, it's pretty awesome.

well, i still have the gpz, haven't ridden it since memorial day weekend.  i seem to have the jetting a bit off, and well, with a new bike in the garage, not a lot of incentive to address the issue.

anyone recall what the pilot and main jet sizes are supposed to be in a stock set up?  stock pipes, stock air box and filter...

i took out the dynajet stage 1 kit and went back to stock - mains of 110 IIRC, and i thought i had to go from #38 pilots back to whatever was stock (34 perhaps?) - anyway, with the non-38's as pilots, i'm finding my needle valves are all the way out to something like 5 turns and it still runs like, well, a turd.  the further i turn these closed, the worse...

i'm pretty sure i got the mains right, anyone recall what the pilot jet sizes are, and approximately how many turns out the needle valves should be?  i'm thinking it should be in the 2-3 range...

thanks all,
andy b


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