Cell phone toting superhumans

Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Mon Oct 12 10:27:39 PDT 2009

Holy Crap!..  

The only thing that makes the onset of winter and having to put the bike
away Ok, is stories like this.. 
Scary part is this type of thing seems to be growing everywhere..  And we
only ever hear of a small percentage of them (likely a good thing!).

We have a graduated license system in place here.  New drivers have to go
through several steps to get a drivers license.  Designated by law to post L
(Learner) and N (New) on the vehicle.  Several restrictions depending on
what level you are at, etc.
Even yesterday was cut off (in the car) by a young woman (N) texting while
speeding down a multilane road.  No reason, just because she wanted to (I
hope it was intentional).  

So many don't seem to have ANY sense of consequence to their actions and the
pain and suffering they will one day inflict on others or themselves.
I don't understand where that comes from..  
Especially with me personally being anal retentive about safety,
consequences and self preservation. :-D
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net


Glad it's not just me that fears the cellphone toting new-mutants.


Bill Denton

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