Cell phone toting superhumans

William K Denton wkdenton at verizon.net
Mon Oct 12 12:28:51 PDT 2009


The sad thing is that it would be (technologically) easy to prevent texting 
and cellphoning while driving, but the phone companies would lose too much 
business, so it will never happen.  All you would have to do is add phone 
circuitry that disconnects incoming and outgoing signals when the internal 
GPS detects motion above a certain mph or kph.  Of course, folks would argue 
that this would prevent private automobile or mass transit passengers from 
making calls, but with nearly 7 billion people in the world, I'm sure at 
least one mind would think of a solution to this new "problem".

Of course, my alternative would be a driver air bag that transforms into a 
12" pointed dagger whenever the driver's cellphone is being used, but that's 
just me.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at verizon.net
PAMSP RiderCoach

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> The only thing that makes the onset of winter and having to put the bike
> away Ok, is stories like this..
> Scary part is this type of thing seems to be growing everywhere..  And we
> only ever hear of a small percentage of them (likely a good thing!).

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