New bike

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Fri Oct 23 15:12:16 PDT 2009

Thanks Paul,

I will try to email him for some info.
Yeah for me it will probably be road only - with the only offroad being my in-laws gravel drive.

Paul in MD

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Jim Mason has a DL-1000.  He took a very long, adventurous ride with some of 
the others last Summer (dualsport duty for many hundreds of miles) and can 
report on how the bike is for daily scoots, as well.

Paul in Ohio
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Hey guys,

I am looking at getting a 2003 Suzuki DL1000 next week - I know that 
somebody on here made the switch also, any info.
I haven't test ridden one for very long but like thhe riding position and 
the torque of the engine, for te short ride that I took.
Handling was pretty good with the stock tires and could be made even better 
with some aftermarket pieces.
I am looking to have a decent sport-tourer that is also good for daily 
commuting, but lighter than the FJR, C-14 or the like, as I plan to add 
Givi's and to transfer some farkles from the GPZ.
Price and the ability to do most maintainence myself, had me looking used, 
and I looked at FZ-1, Multistrada (loved it but not the price), Tiger 1050, 
and the Bandit 1250 - but in the end the value and features of the V-Strom 
won out.
So next week it will be off to pick it up, with a 2hr ride home to get used 
to it
As for the GPZ, it has a crack in the swingarm and it looks like time to put 
her down.
I noticed last week that it was handling weird, and had a friend of mine try 
to help me with the suspension and that is when we found the crack and to be 
honest, I just can't see putting another band-aid on it.
I will probably part the bike out and will post any avail here first for any 
takers, then go the ebay route - so if anybody needs anything, chime up and 
I can tell you the condition and will post pics.
None of the body pieces are worth saving but most of the mechanicals are 
pretty good - the engine runs good, I have the ZZR1200 headers with the 
black Holeshot dual exhausts (sounds great), stock seat with the Sargeant 
cover and more.
Feel that I am making a good decision and will still remaini here on the 
list as I feel that this is a great place to get info.

Paul in MD

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