New bike

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Oct 24 10:43:04 PDT 2009

Never ridden the DL only the SV1000 (same engine). - The only issue I've heard on the DL1000 is that some of them have had clutch problems. Dunno if it's still an issue though.
I'd be interested to know where the crack is on the swingarm. Any Pics?
How may miles?
There has been a guy selling one on EBay for some time now.. but I get the feeling yer hankering for a new steed..
As far as the GPZ - Let me know what you want for the throttle cable - (pull cable) and wire guide bracket on the ignition switch. Speedo cable..The side heat shields that go between the engine and fairing. And maybe the gear shifter linkage if it's in good condition (Mine has a lot of wear -slop).
   Pete S
As for the GPZ, it has a crack in the swingarm and it looks like time to put her down.
I noticed last week that it was handling weird, and had a friend of mine try to help me with the suspension and that is when we found the crack and to be honest, I just can't see putting another band-aid on it.
I will probably part the bike out and will post any avail here first for any takers, then go the ebay route - so if anybody needs anything, chime up and I can tell you the condition and will post pics.

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