Expected mpg

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Wed Oct 28 06:14:47 PDT 2009

I got about 45 mpg normally with the GPz, with a low of 39 mpg running 
around Arkansas and a high of 56 mpg coming home from Lake George with an 
iffy rear tire.  A little Dejavue I got my best mileage with the V strom on 
this same stretch of road in September due to an expired driver's license. 
Its amazing the savings on fuel and the extra scenery noticed while driving 
at or below the speed limit.  The speed thrill may not be there but the 
dodgy driver's license and tire can keep your heart rate elevated.
Damned near time to put the bikes to bed for 5 months.  I have to go out 
today to get, plugs, oil and a filter.  I have 2 bikes and a lawnmower to 
winterize.  I also have a snowblower to get out.  Ouch!!!


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