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Hey guys!
Charles, I had to LOL on your NY style of describing "your winter right here"!  Being from NY and all, that is a very common way of expression.  Must be said in a leering, sarcastic, accented way though or it has no impact...
Wow, that's a lot of snow!  Living in S. CA, I do not miss the NY snow, period.
Jim Mason: love your prose.  The driver's license and bald tire referral ring true to me in terms of heart rate and mileage!
Randolph Peters: Hello you old timer.  Too bad about that rider and driver/passenger.  I would agree, the rider was a total idiot.  I love to ride very fast myself, but there's a time and place.  No road with cross streets or driveways is ever one on which you speed.  Jeez Louise.  
All the rest of you Listers and Lurkers (myself of course included), HELLO!  Let's not let the List die.  I would welcome an easier way to post pix.  I'd only hope we wouldn't get crazy with that.  Probably bog down the server and bore us all with pix of our (you name it...)  LOL!

"I got your winter right here..."  LOL!
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA
Still riding when it's (CA) cold: 60 degrees...Brrrrr...

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Winter??  Winter??  You want winter?  I got your winter 
ight here in Denver.  There are supposed to be 18 inches 
n town by tomorrow night and there is over a foot of snow 
t my office in Evergreen (7,200ft altitude) already.  
upposed to to be 2 to 3 feet in the mountains.  Yuck!  Not 
ure I'll make it in  tomorrow and half of the office has 
lready called in.  And to make it worse, I was backing in 
he snowblower last night and accidently put the adjuster 
ever through my GPZ tail light.  I'd be really mad if I 
idn't have two more in the basement.  ;-)
Charles S.
nowed in 95 GPZ1100
> {SNIP}
 Damned near time to put the bikes to bed for 5 months.  
 I have to go out today to get, plugs, oil and a filter.
 I have 2 bikes and a lawnmower to winterize.  I also have
 a snowblower to get out.  Ouch!!!

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