Alexander Finger af at
Thu Oct 29 08:45:27 PDT 2009

> I take it you didn't see the irony and subsequent humor in the post I made.

Sometimes the finer nuances in the english language get past me.

Might be that's related as well to the fact that I know too many people who
bring up arguments like that "for real".

Italy just put a captain on trial for rescuing people from the seas and
dropping them off in Italy. He was set free, finally, but it took some time.
Supporting seamen in distress is a seaman's duty - charging the guy
with "supporting illegal immigration" because he kept people from drowning
is a farce..

I don't know how the numbers relate, but I assume that more people are
migrating from Mexico to the US than from Africa to the EU, probably as well
because there's a land border. What however really gets me going in Europe
is that people think about having others rather die than to think about
helping countries to develop into economies which can support themselves (as
opposed to ripping them off as good as you can).


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