Speedometer error?

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Wed Sep 2 10:19:44 PDT 2009

How is that 250 Ninja?  I noticed a 2007 in the local Penny pincher for 
$1000.00.  It had been in an accident.  It needs forks and left side 
plastic.  Might be something I could redo as a winter project and either 
have some fun riding it or make a few $ on it next spring.
Got out for a 350 km run yesterday.  I stopped and had a picnic on the 
bridge over Mink Creek 1/2 way along the Peterson road in Hastings County. 
While I was there 8 small (12' - 14') aluminum boats full of high school 
kids came up stream.  I yelled down "Why aren't you in school?".  They all 
yelled back "tomorrow".  Was a beautiful day for skipping school.  Hell!! I 
was dodging a "To-do" list.

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> Well, I've noticed lately, when I'm cruising on the freeway at 70, people
> are blowing past me, and when I'm doing 85, I'm slowing passing people. 
> Is
> the GPZ's speedometer off?  I know the Ninja 250 has an 8% error, but does
> the GPZ suffer from the same?

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