Speedometer error?

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Its a fun bike, but the stock tires SUCK.  You can get a mint one for under 2k, I wouldn't pay 1k for a busted one.  You have to rev the piss out of them to get moving, and they crank almost 9000rpm going 70mph.  The engines let go at about 25000 miles.  My girl got hers, a mint one, 2004, 900 miles, for 2k last year, but she loves it.  If you wind it up to 14k rpms and pop 2nd gear, it'll  do a wheelie!

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The Masons wrote:

How is that 250 Ninja?  I noticed a 2007 in the local Penny pincher for 

$1000.00.  It had been in an accident.  It needs forks and left side 

plastic.  Might be something I could redo as a winter project and either 

have some fun riding it or make a few $ on it next spring.

Got out for a 350 km run yesterday.  I stopped and had a picnic on the 

bridge over Mink Creek 1/2 way along the Peterson road in Hastings County. 

While I was there 8 small (12' - 14') aluminum boats full of high school 

kids came up stream.  I yelled down "Why aren't you in school?".  They all 

yelled back "tomorrow".  Was a beautiful day for skipping school.  Hell!! I 

was dodging a "To-do" list.


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> Well, I've noticed lately, when I'm cruising on the freeway at 70, people

> are blowing past me, and when I'm doing 85, I'm slowing passing people. 

> Is

> the GPZ's speedometer off?  I know the Ninja 250 has an 8% error, but does

> the GPZ suffer from the same?



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