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I keep sending from the wrong address and wondering why it doesn't
come through. D'oh.

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Ok, co-owning (and wrenching) a 2003 EX250, time for me to chime in:

Fun bike, yes.  Need to wind it out for power, yes.   Handles great -
my wife loves carving the twisties on it, very nimble and quick in

Tires - stock tires do suck. BT45's do significantly better, and
Pirelli Sport Demons come in the right size; my wife is split on which
she likes better, and unfortunately, not long after spooning on the
Sport Demons (for the track), she took an 80mph sweeping ess turn at
85 and went off-track, so there hasn't been a lot of experience with
the Pirellis yet.  (Aside: This was a Reg Pridmore CLASS event at
Sears Point, aka Infineon Raceway.  I took my ST1300 there that day.)

Mechanics stuff - very easy bike to work on, I've been
up/around/over/under and through this bike.   Hers has 70K miles and
is still going well; the gearbox has gotten a little tiny bit finicky
and perhaps a valve job would be good.  But, like with most other
motorcycles, if you take care of it, do regular maintenance, adjust
the valves regularly, and don't abuse the snot out of it, It'll run
for a LONG time.  There's a guy out there that only rides EX250s - and
somewhere in the 50K miles per year.  His longest-time bike had 280K
miles before he bought another one.

There's a great site for EX250istas at www.ninja250.info - lots and
lots of advice, tricks, tips - I go there all the time when looking
for info.

Right now, the bike is disabled; the forks were bent and plastic
shredded in the track crash.  I've been lazy about getting after it.
Her knee was beat up in this crash and she's been rehabbing it, riding
a (gasp!) little Shadow in the meantime, which doesn't require much
knee flexion.  I need to find some kind of replacement upper plastic,
which is either expensive for new, or banged up and still
stupid-expensive for used.   I have a pair of new forks and a
right-side footpeg & bracket waiting for attention.

Well, anyway, we're fans of the Ninjette. :)

On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 11:17 AM,
metrogtiguy at gmail.com<metrogtiguy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Its a fun bike, but the stock tires SUCK.  You can get a mint one for under 2k, I wouldn't pay 1k for a busted one.  You have to rev the piss out of them to get moving, and they crank almost 9000rpm going 70mph.  The engines let go at about 25000 miles.  My girl got hers, a mint one, 2004, 900 miles, for 2k last year, but she loves it.  If you wind it up to 14k rpms and pop 2nd gear, it'll  do a wheelie!

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