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When you mentioned shredded plastics, I was thinking "Sharkskinz", but
they only service the new 250r.

Found this though:


> I keep sending from the wrong address and wondering why it doesn't
> come through. D'oh.
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> Ok, co-owning (and wrenching) a 2003 EX250, time for me to chime in:
> Fun bike, yes.  Need to wind it out for power, yes.   Handles great -
> my wife loves carving the twisties on it, very nimble and quick in
> transitions.
> Tires - stock tires do suck. BT45's do significantly better, and
> Pirelli Sport Demons come in the right size; my wife is split on which
> she likes better, and unfortunately, not long after spooning on the
> Sport Demons (for the track), she took an 80mph sweeping ess turn at
> 85 and went off-track, so there hasn't been a lot of experience with
> the Pirellis yet.  (Aside: This was a Reg Pridmore CLASS event at
> Sears Point, aka Infineon Raceway.  I took my ST1300 there that day.)
> Mechanics stuff - very easy bike to work on, I've been
> up/around/over/under and through this bike.   Hers has 70K miles and
> is still going well; the gearbox has gotten a little tiny bit finicky
> and perhaps a valve job would be good.  But, like with most other
> motorcycles, if you take care of it, do regular maintenance, adjust
> the valves regularly, and don't abuse the snot out of it, It'll run
> for a LONG time.  There's a guy out there that only rides EX250s - and
> somewhere in the 50K miles per year.  His longest-time bike had 280K
> miles before he bought another one.
> There's a great site for EX250istas at www.ninja250.info - lots and
> lots of advice, tricks, tips - I go there all the time when looking
> for info.
> Right now, the bike is disabled; the forks were bent and plastic
> shredded in the track crash.  I've been lazy about getting after it.
> Her knee was beat up in this crash and she's been rehabbing it, riding
> a (gasp!) little Shadow in the meantime, which doesn't require much
> knee flexion.  I need to find some kind of replacement upper plastic,
> which is either expensive for new, or banged up and still
> stupid-expensive for used.   I have a pair of new forks and a
> right-side footpeg & bracket waiting for attention.
> Well, anyway, we're fans of the Ninjette. :)
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 11:17 AM,
> metrogtiguy at gmail.com<metrogtiguy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Its a fun bike, but the stock tires SUCK.  You can get a mint one for
>> under 2k, I wouldn't pay 1k for a busted one.  You have to rev the piss
>> out of them to get moving, and they crank almost 9000rpm going 70mph.
>>  The engines let go at about 25000 miles.  My girl got hers, a mint one,
>> 2004, 900 miles, for 2k last year, but she loves it.  If you wind it up
>> to 14k rpms and pop 2nd gear, it'll  do a wheelie!

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