Can I still wear my Kawasaki Shirt??

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Wed Sep 9 06:46:52 PDT 2009

So, most know I've sold the GPZ. What you don't know is that I've purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS1100GL. It's a very nice, and clean, old bike and I'm having a lot of fun on it. Nope, it's not a GPZ, for sure, but it's still a fun old bike. And, I must say, more comfortable than the GPZ was. It's nowhere near as solid and planted feeling as the GPZ, but that kind of adds to the excitement of the ride. I've also discovered that I can't take a corner as aggresive as I did on the GPZ. But that's probably more due to the tires than anything. For the time being, at least, my days of triple digit speeds are pretty much over. At least as far as I know since the speedo only goes up to 85 mph. But that's ok. So, can I still wear my Kawasaki t-shirt? I promise not to wear it when riding the Suzi.
P.S. I still have a set of 2" handlebar risers and an LSL handlebar conversion kit that would come with a set of ZRX bars if anybody's interested. $75 for the 2" risers and $150 for the LSL and ZRX bars. It cost me $100 per set to have the 2" risers made and a brand new LSL kit with their handlebars will run you about $270. My prices do not include shipping charges which you will need to pay for as well. The risers were painted with frame matching paint from Colorite, but some of it has peeled off the top, which you wouldn't see with the handlebars on. I painted the LSL risers with flat black bumper paint, which looks ok. It would be easy to redo it. Let me know. Thanks.
Dave D.

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