Got it on the road finally

scapco at scapco at
Thu Sep 10 12:10:45 PDT 2009

Hey Ron,

Glad to hear you're back on the road and that Altadena 
didn't get burned down!

There is a power lead in the tail one can use, but when I 
went on my long trip last year, I wanted to be able to 
charge my camera batteries and my cell phone.  I have a 
small two prong staggered plug coming directly off of my 
battery I use in the winter for charging or for a heated 
jacket liner.  I bought a weather proof cigeratte lighter 
socket like you'd use on a boat and changed the plug to a 
match the one off of my battery.  I was able to charge my 
phone and camera batteries both while riding (under the 
seat) or when parked using car chargers and it worked 

Charles S.

Hey Charles and guys,
I know this has been searched and spoken to long ago, BUT, 
I'd like to know if we have any information on how to draw 
a power line out from our GPz with which to power a cell
phone?? I'm about to hit the road for a little trip around 
CA soon, and I would really like to keep that thing charged 
up.? Need a life line in the event of a spill...Could this
also power my laptop?
> Pray tell.? Hope all is well with you guys.
> Ron Jordan
> Altadena, CA?

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