Got it on the road finally

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I originally meant this for the list, not just Ron, so this follow-up
would suffice.  Pardon the long chain of replies but it contains info
I didn't get out in the first place.


I'm partial to Powerlet products, including the "BMW-style"
socket/connector set.  Powerlet ain't the cheapest, though, but I
think it's well-made stuff.   This socket will handle much more
current than the typical cig-lighter connector, so I think it's a
better-overall choice.

In your situation, I'd start with something like this:

Just put this on the battery, and the connector can remain under the
seat or dangling out somewhere, whatever does the trick for you.

Then, you'll need some kind of connectors for your phone charger;
since the phone charger draws minuscule current, you can just use
their cig-lighter-to-powerlet adapter in-line:

This should serve for most anything you could do with the cig-lighter
approach.  I believe the typical current maximum for this kind of
connector-age is only about 2A, whereas the Powerlet goes right up to
15A - and in my opinion, this is far more useful and justifiable than
a pure cig-lighter setup.

Of course, you *can* just go to RadioShack and get a cig-socket with a
pigtail and wire that in.  Lots cheaper, but I'm a little skeptical to
the overall usability.

(I just looked on and couldnt' find what I speak of,
but somewhere, I bought a cig-lighter socket, and either pre-wired
leads, or I added leads myself.  This would be a cheap/easy way to

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 12:20 PM,  <mrgilmore at> wrote:
> Steven,
> Thanks for the speedy response!  Being unafraid to admit my dim-ness, I will
> go further to ask: what is an apporiate type of connector, of which you
> speak?  I like the simplicity of just going to the battery (12v) directly,
> and I can figure out how to rig the cigaretter light adapter wires to feed
> off of that 12v, just like in my cars...I guess I'm looking for an idea of
> just a pull-apart thing that I could kinda tuck between the gas tank and the
> seat?
> Do you know the type of in-line connectors I'd need, like say the ones that
> connect the front turn signals to the harness?  Aw shucks,  I just
> envisioned the propoer electronics store to go to and they're bound to have
> lots of connection supplies.
> Mahalo!
> Ron J
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> It's pretty easy to do this on virtually all bikes.
> Easy way - just rig an appropriate connector & pigtail across the
> battery terminals.   You can charge even while the bike isn't running,
> although you can kill the battery if you leave a high-draw device on
> too long, too.  For the laptop, you'd either have to run an inverter
> or a 12v-input brick.  The inverter is pretty inefficient, as I
> understand, so I'd avoid it if possible.   If your connector wiring is
> beefy enough, you can run a Battery Tender to it too to keep the
> battery fresh while at home.
> Harder way is to add a tap to the battery, with a relay that's
> triggered by some other circuit such as the taillight circuit.   Some
> bikes have accessory connectors that will provide some measure of
> power for small stuff, not usually enough for something like a horn or
> high-output lighting. I don't know if the GPZ has one of these, but
> you can simply tap the ignition-switch controlled circuit to trigger
> the relay, since the trigger current is very small.
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 11:46 AM,  <mrgilmore at> wrote:
>> Hey Charles and guys,
>> I know this has been searched and spoken to long ago, BUT, I'd like to
>> know if
> we have any information on how to draw a power line out from our GPz with
> which
> to power a cell phone?? I'm about to hit the road for a little trip around
> CA
> soon, and I would really like to keep that thing charged up.? Need a life
> line
> in the event of a spill...Could this also power my laptop?
>> Pray tell.? Hope all is well with you guys.
>> Ron Jordan
>> Altadena, CA?
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>> Congratulations Alan!  And you've got a couple of good
>> months riding ahead to enjoy it.
>> Charles S.
>>>Well, I finally got my GPZ on the road!  Put the bodywork
>>>together, and slapped my new Michelin Pilot Road CT2's on
>>>it, and took it out today!  I also have a Micron exhaust,
>>>and a Dynojet Stage 1 kit in it.  She runs like
>>>a dream!  And is incredibly fast!  I'll put some pictures
>>>up later, but here's one for now!

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