Got it on the road finally

The Masons masonjs at
Thu Sep 10 14:01:22 PDT 2009

I've been searching ebay for a used front wheel for my v strom.  I've 
noticed someone is making up a small wiring harness for 3 plug in extras all 
fused .  This is supposed to be a plug and play unit, no wire cutting no 
brainer.  It looks simple enough to make. The unit is $48.00 + $9.00 
shipping.  That seemed a little steep.
 I have a water proof cigarlighter outlet connected to the battery, 
installed by a previous owner that came in very handy once we got off the 
Trans Labrador highway last summer and needed to increase the air presuure 
in my tires on the asphalt.  I don't know if the cigar lighter is a fused 
unit and I'll have to check next time I have the fuel tank off.  I also have 
an electric vest set up on a 2 wire trailer plug with an inline cartridge 
fuse connected to the battery and have yet to install a set of grip heaters.
This wiring harness would make things a lot neater and simpler.
There's no reason a similar unit couldn't be made for the GPz.


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