Suzuki Bandit Sport Tourer

Paul E. pselsberry at
Tue Sep 15 19:05:14 PDT 2009

Yeah - that is what it is.
If you read Bike magazine, in the last issue they did a comparison with the Concours 14 based on value and performance for the price and they essentially picked the Bandit 1250GT.
For the price it looks good if they bring it with the GT package of lowers, hard bags and gps.
That might make me overlook some of its shortcomings.

Paul in MD

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I like it, but Suzuki should just call it what it is... a Katana 1250, and 
in that respect, it would be very chic and retro.  The original big bore 
Katana 1100's of the late 80's early 90's were awesome machines.

Bill Denton
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GPZ is pretty tired these days and the Bandit is on the screen for the 
value, but I feel like I would be just getting an updated GPZ1100, when I 
may be looking for something different

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