Temp Sensor

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Thu Sep 17 17:49:18 PDT 2009

   Ralph check page 15-51 of the manual - theres a procedure for checking the Temp gauge.    Mine has been reading low for years though it does move when really hot idling. If you gage checks out good, then either 
1. the sensor which is a negative temp coeficient thermistor is reading high resistance page 15-56 gives the values at different temps.
2. bad connection, high resistance on connection will give a low reading.
3. scale on the sensor (unlikely).
All this is supposing it's the gage that's wrong and not the radiator switch.
Pete Staniforth
<<I noticed last night after a 300 mile day that my fan was on while the bike 
was sitting still while I opened the garage door, no big deal there happens 
all the time, but what was strange was that the temp gauge was low. Usually 
the fan comes on at the mid point on the tamp gauge. So tonight I took it 
out and ran it on the driveway till the fan came on, it did and again the 
gauge was barely moving. I had anti freeze in the bottle, so its not low. 
but if I revved the engine I saw the needle move slightly up, but it never 
reached the mid point on the scale. What do you guys think? The sending unit 
in the side of the radiator go bad again? Or do you think it's something 

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.>>

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