GPZList Digest, Vol 34, Issue 12

coldinvt at coldinvt at
Thu Sep 17 20:22:12 PDT 2009

Lincoln Pond Rd. too.  And out to Ironville & Eagle Lake... that whole
area is excellent!  Fun getting lost there... :-)

Have a safe and fun weekend, Ralph!  And Pete, you rock man!  :-)


> Rob's favorite road..Tracey Rd
> I was up there weekend before last.. forgot how much fun that road was..
> Sections of CR 7 wasn't too shabby either..
> I remember the incident.. luckily no harm done..
> Hoping to do another mini southern Dak ride in a couple of weeks..
> Have fun Ralph..
>      Pete S
> <<I remember my last outing with the LIME group a few years ago...  A
> diabetic guy was feeling ill in the middle of nowhere with no remedies at
> hand and YZF600R-guy crashed in a sharper-than-expected left-hander 'cause
> he was riding too fast on a road he didn't know.>>

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