. Late summer tar run day 2 - VT, MA, NY (Marilyn Mason)

schnowz schnowz at att.net
Sun Sep 20 17:29:09 PDT 2009

Michelin Man Mason stated "I headed west to -you guesssed it West Otis then north on a nice windy 
piece of tarmack until I found # 7 north.  I took this though Pittsfield to 
#2 in the MA NE corner.  Don't miss this boys and girls as it is a fabulous 
little run--as good or better than the dragon.  I headed west up and over 
the mountain into NY to #22." 
You should have headed another 10 miles South 0n Rt 8  Otis to Boston - great windy rd -follows the river and nice surface.
Rt 2 runs both east and west from North Adams and is known as the Mohawk trail The section East of North Adams is also a great Rd. Best done in a westerly direction..
Theres also Mt Graylock in North Adams - just been resurfaced..
Next time yer in the neighberhood give me a call..
Pete S

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