Late summer tar run Day 3 --geeezers in the Aderondacks- NY - ON

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Mr. Mason,

Doh!? I commented on your trip report before noticing that it wasn't done yet!? I was actually at Boy Scout Camp Massawepie on Tupper Lake last summer with my son's Santa Monica, CA Troop 2 for his last Summer High Adventure Camp.? Saw most all of the places around there as you described.? Lovely place...?and of course all the while I was there in a caged vehicle, I was long to be there again on two wheels...? Probably not to be anytime soon...

Well, glad to hear you're home?safe and sound.? I can relate to your license anxiety, since mine is hanging by a thread...? Some of these LEO's are just too eager.??My last ticket while merely idling down Angeles Crest Highway, was for 54 mph in a 45 mph zone!? Jeez Louise!??C'mon!

Take care all,

Ron Jordan

Altdena, CA?

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It dawns bright & fair in Warrensburg NY and 54F (12C) hey!! I'm in the USA. Use the language of the people.?
I grab the continental the hotel offers and chat with 2 large guys who came in after me on a Goldwing and an 80 Boulavard. The two boy together weighed more than the Goldwing.?
I take my time as I have to be out of Canada 48 hours to be able to escape having to pay taxes on my tires. I can't hit the border until 14:20 hr. So I check my bike carefully, adjust and lube my chain then take a bath and a shower.?
I head north on # 9 then #26 in the Aderondacks --I do love riding here before and after the tourist season, its like you own the road as no one is on it. No really serious twisties but aways nice curves, beautiful scenery and excellent pavement.?
The NY state speed limit is 55 mph (90 kph) and I'm meticulously checking my guages.?
At Indian Lake the entire town is a yard sale of old camping, fishing, hunting and canoeing gear. I stop and check out several stalls more to get values of items as I own tons of this gear and insurance prices are always handy. Plus I can learn a little info on stuff that is handy.?
Blue mountain Lake and long Lake have the same sales. I notice cargo trailers from VT, Me, NH and PA taking advantage of the late summer, early fall end of season sales.?
Now I am actually calming down and realy enjoying my ride but still careful of my velocity. Unforturnately 90 Kph (55 mph) is the low limit on 6th and it lugs going up hill.?
I come over a hill between Long and Tupper Lakes and just let the bike coast in 6th down hill and around a curve. I can see a vehicle on the side of the road at the bottom of the hill. It has a light flash on one side of the roof then the other. It does this a couple of times and I wonder WTF is this. Then the entire roof rack lights up and I check my gauges (I'm under 60 KPH) and hit the brakes. This ain't doing my heart much good. It is exercising it well.?
I pull up to a NY State Trooper's SUV and ask "what's trouble".?
"You were speeding"?
"Sorry I've got a metric speedometer how fast was I going?"?
"58 mph"?
"Try to watch it"?
"Yes sir"?
Jesus H 3 mph over.?
I continue for about 15 minutes, rise over a hill and there are 1/2 a dozen or more white and green "official type vehicles" , more flashing lights than Times Square on New Years Eve and a lot of armed people dressed in military green. I think calm down Jim they didn't prepare this for you.?
I get down to a walking speed. The green and white vehicles are all amrked "Border Patrol". I notice ther are several vehicles in the parking area with doors open, occupants standing outside and all of the contents of said vehicles piled on the ground.?
I also notice among the official SUVs a non descript Camaro facing south sort of a charcoal maybe blue, black wheels and tires and I'm guessing some serious kick ass V8 under the hood.?
I'm about stopped when some guy who looks like Rambo with a shaved head and an automatic rifle waves me through.?
I am more than glad to move along as my heart rate is getting to the point that I may need defibbulation.?
I pull into Tupper lake and have a lunch at the Main Steet Cafe. Recomended!! This time of year it is full of old people. I leave Tupper Lake and a light rain follows me to Colton.?
I have requests for stuff from the USA (some think I'm driving a semi - Juggernaut).?
I stop at a super market in Ogdensburg and buy 2 dozen Rolling Rock and a dozen Payday candy bars.?
I actually wind up with a small crowd in the super market parking lot watching me empty my saddle bags and top trunk to load the beer into socks and repack my gear and tires.. After I get it all packed a woman said where were you when I was packing my daughter off to college last week.?
Now I have to face the bridge and the border crossing.?
I crawl over the 1.5 mile bridge the metal deck is not tossing me around too bad. It can't get a grip on slick tires.?
I am sweating profusly when I get to the Canadian border guard. He looks like a 17 year old. I pull my passport out of my teeth and hand it over. He checks it then asks me to remove my helmet. I get it off and he waves me on. I get about a mile away and stop as I can't remember getting my passport back-check-its there in my pocket.?
I'm out on 416 these f#$%ing Canucks are crazy. In a 100 kph zone I'm doing 120 and most people are passing me. I can't do too much more as the tire as pillion passengers jerk the bike around at 140 kph.?
I arrive home about 18:30 hr much to the delight of my wife--no its not love--she's just happy we don't have a $350.00 fine and she doesn't have to drive my truck somewhere to pick up me & Yella Dog.?
First thing Friday morning I went to Renfrew and layed out $75.00 to reinstate my licence.?

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