layers of security personnel in the USA

coldinvt at coldinvt at
Mon Sep 21 09:15:14 PDT 2009

I think all these "security layers" serve only to fuel paranoia here in
the US.  Couple that with our alarmist media and you end up with a nation
of people that are afraid of (and angry at) each other...

"An armed society is a polite society..."

>    NSA
>    The "armed forces" as well as the CIA are prohibited from operating
> within
>    our borders by law. Do they always obey the law? I doubt it. Taking all
> of
>    these agencies into account the biggest deterrent to an organized
> invasion
>    is still an armed populace!
>    Dave B
>    Marilyn Mason wrote:
>      After seeing the border patrol guys in the Aderondacks I started
> running
>      the # of security/law enforcement layers there are in the country.
>      You've got the army. navy, airforce, marines, border patrol, coast
> guard,
>      state police, county sherrifs, village police, city police,FBI, CIA,
>      secret service, maybe some other band of spooks.
>      How many did I miss?
>      Just curious.
>      Jim

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