layers of security personnel in the USA

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...And don't forget how the current presidential administration (for that 
matter the former) compound the problem of a population that is distrustful 
and ready to turn against the government...

"I was burdened greatly by the deaths of those around me. But incorporating 
their suffering into our own lives does not change the way of the world."
General John Bell Hood; Commander of the Texas Brigade, 4th Texas Calvary, 
5th Texas Calvary, 17th Texas Infantry

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> I think all these "security layers" serve only to fuel paranoia here in
> the US.  Couple that with our alarmist media and you end up with a nation
> of people that are afraid of (and angry at) each other...
> "An armed society is a polite society..."
>>    NSA
>>    The "armed forces" as well as the CIA are prohibited from operating
>> within
>>    our borders by law. Do they always obey the law? I doubt it. Taking 
>> all
>> of
>>    these agencies into account the biggest deterrent to an organized
>> invasion
>>    is still an armed populace!
>>    Dave B
>>    Marilyn Mason wrote:
>>      After seeing the border patrol guys in the Aderondacks I started
>> running
>>      the # of security/law enforcement layers there are in the country.
>>      You've got the army. navy, airforce, marines, border patrol, coast
>> guard,
>>      state police, county sherrifs, village police, city police,FBI, CIA,
>>      secret service, maybe some other band of spooks.
>>      How many did I miss?
>>      Just curious.
>>      Jim

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