Carb Spacing and Mikuni RS Carbs

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Mon Apr 5 06:58:39 PDT 2010

That's kinda what I figured with the non-equal spacing I looked up at the
Mikuni site.  Nice set of new carbs for the price though!

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        These will not fit the geepers, they are for older style engines
that have the timing chain in the middle of the engine, you need to find a
set that is made for the engines with the timing chain on the end of the
crankshaft like the gpz, this keeps the carb spacing even all the way
accross, the old style has the center carbs spaced farther apart than the
outer carbs. The most common ones you will find on ebay come off of the last
of the air cooled GSXRs, they have the timing chain on the end of the crank
and losts of them were modified for racing with flatslides.


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So I've used Google to it's full advantage and cannot determine if these
arbs will fit our GPZ...
after seeing Mike's flat slides today I would really like to get a set, but
ust want to know if they fit.  These carbs have a carb center to center
pacing of 77mm-93mm-77mm, but I can't find that spec for our year GPZ
Any advice, seller on ebay is not around...

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