lowering links or lowering a GPZ

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Apr 6 15:58:57 PDT 2010

Why did you shorten the springs (I'm assuming that's what race tech did, put
in a shorter and stiffer spring and heavier damping to keep it from
bottoming)?  Couldn't you have just moved the tubes up in the clamps and put
on clip on's ?  Just curious and by the way Racetech is an EXCELLENT
company, I had them due my Vrod forks and I'm probably going to get some
gold valves for the GPZ after talking with Charles this weekend.

Cheers (back to the garage cleaning out Chevy Nova parts I don't need


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I lowered my front and rear 2". Rear via lowering links, front had Race Tech

shorten everything.
Not recommended for street use according to Race Tech. Matter of fact, they 
won't do it (liability) if you ride your bike on the street. Tell them it's 
a show bike.
I use my bike on the street but it's a pseudo drag bike so cornering not the

biggest factor.
Hope it helps.

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> What is the best way to lower the GPZ?
> I got it on the road Friday April 2, & I have already managed to get in 
> right at 300 miles, but my 26 inseam I am vertically challenged, I need to

> lower it a little.
> right now I can only get 1 foot flat on the ground at a time, or both feet

> tip toes, so for safety, it needs lowering so I can get both feet flat on 
> the ground. I am having problems turning it around on my driveway, which 
> is like an old country dirt road with tall center hump, plus my driveway 
> is up side of a mountain nearly 1/2 mile long.
> what is recomendations? anyone have a used lowering link? or?
> Thank you,
> Randy

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