Cheap GPZ Tires at Dennis Kirk

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Good input Randy!  For my Vrod it's gonna be warm outside or the bike
doesn't go out.  I figured they would be sort of rock hard to get the name
"Marathon".  I admit my Vrod is a total show bike vs. an all weather bike.
The stupid thing has chrome almost everywhere from the PO, but I got a
screamin' deal on it and it really is a powerful straight line cruiser.
Would I race one of our GPZ guys up in the Rockies with it?  No way!  But
for crusing on a nice day with girlfriend in tow it's wonderful.  I may take
it to Sturgis (my first time) this year, but we'll see how work is.

FYI - On your lowering issue.  If the forks on your ZX11 are decent you
could replace them on your GPZ 'cause you can pull the forks up through the
triple clamps on the ZX11, not so on the GPZ.  Then you'd have that cool
43mm "Ninja" front end on your GPZ!  Which would then cause your cheap plain
steel tube frame to flex more than it already does ;-)  I've thought about
changing the front end and the swing arm, etc. and then it doesn't make
sense, heck just buy the ZX11!  The GPZ is a unique beast as it is.


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I had a set of them 1 time, I will never run them again. ever!
dont remember the mileage I got out of them but was great.
my reason for dislike was the cold weather performance. I slid across double
yellow line not laying my Harley just riding more or less straight up but in
a curve on main backroad hi-way. my speed was 35mph, & the temperature was
in the teens. I broke them loose several times & almost wrecked 2 times &
recovered luckily, & glad no one was coming. or I might not be here today,
so any tire that I cant run in the winter will never be run by me. I wont
give them another chance with my life on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
my tire pressure was correct. but tire size was a 130/90/16 rear & a
100/90/19 front

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Tell me about it on the ME880's I just bought a set for my Vrod, and the
list price for rear alone was $299!!!  What kind of mileage did you get out
of the ME880?  I popped the big bucks because I wanted higher mileage tires
and have used Metzeler's in the past that were very good at what they were
intended for.  Should have my ContiMotion's on in a few weeks but I'm going
to mount a front first and finish up the Dunlop on the back (unless some
weird wobble results).  I ordered a 2nd front because my riding tends to eat
fronts at a 2:1 ratio to rears.



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I read about the Conti Motion Tires a little.

I have run three sets of Continental "ContiForce" sport touring tires on my
GPz over the years.  I was very impressed with them, they worked great on
the bike!  They were absolutely like glue in the rain - I've never had a
more confidence inspiring wet weather tire.

Right now I'm on my second set of Metzeler Marathon ME880s.  It also may be
my last.  I went to the Metzeler tires because they are Ultra Touring tires.
I don't carve canyons and even if I did the GPZ is old and the suspension is
shot - I just need good tires that last a long time.  I figure if these are
good enough for Goldwings and Electra Glides they're good enough for me.
Problem is they are DAMN expensive!!!!!!

So I'll be eagerly awaiting the ContiMotion tire reviews for this bike.  My
previous experience tends to make me think they'll be damn good.

Phil Hamm

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