Jarding Header - Thanks Andy!!!

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Sat Apr 10 09:41:45 PDT 2010

Got the used Jardine Header from Andy this AM.  Man, it only took ~1/2 hour
to cut all that bubble wrap off ;-)  Great packing!  It looks great for a
used pipe, but I've already cleaned it to spray with VHT "flameproof" 1500F
paint.  Andy was also kind enough to through in a bonus; one of those
ultra-cool and collectable "GPZ Parking ONLY" signs, thanks again for the
bonus!  And those dyno charts don't look too shabby at ~ 111 - 114 rear
wheel HP, amazing.  I'm still waiting for the dynojet kit, the company I
ordered from 4/1 claimed to have shipped it but I just got a tracking number
so it'll be 4/13 before I rip into the carbs:-(


Thanks again Andy,





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