Tire Changing

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You forgot to mention how much time you've saved.
My buddy says he doesn't have time to change tires himself. I explained that you can change a tire in less time than it takes to ride to the dealer and if you fuck it up you only have yourself to blame. I've only had a tire changed by the Dealer once and he totally fooked up the balance.
All you need is 3 tire irons and a few 2 by 4's..to change em.
Balancing can be done with jackstands - but if you want it really accurate,  better to make up a balancer with roller skate bearing and a couple of machined cones.

  Pete Staniforth

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After reading the sudden deluge of 
GPzlist emails, I am SO GLAD that I built

my own tire 
mounting/dismounting table in 2002.  In this part of the country

 PA), it costs ~$80 per set to mount and balance a set of mc tires 
 "carried in" rims, and even more $$ if they're still on the bike.  In 
 cases, you also have to buy the tires from the mounter, or they won't 
 on them.

Based on this and the number of tires I've mounted up 
in the ensuing eight 
years, I figure I've saved >$500 in labor.


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