Insurance Cost

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Tue Apr 13 19:13:06 PDT 2010

Where are you located dominatr37?  I know when I moved from Chicago to San
Jose, Farmer's all of a sudden decided an '88 ZX10 Ninja with NO CLAIMS or
TICKETS was now uninsurable buy their useless company.  I had Farmer's
Insurance for ~ 15 years prior, no claims.  Dropped them and have been with
Liberty Mutual since.  Insurance companies are the loan sharks of the 21st

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Your lucky, here in ny the gpz would still cost me $1200 a year for full
coverage that little "zx1100e" designation is a killer.
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A sign of being an old fart, my GPZ was $360 a year for a very long
time.  It's down to $180 a year, full coverage, 100/300/100 with State

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100
Centennial, CO

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