Jardine Install

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Apr 13 19:26:33 PDT 2010

So everything was going well other than the 50+ mph wind gusts that keep
yanking the car cover off my Nova :-(  So I yanked the radiator loose and
took off the oil cooler and lines to get the stock exhaust off the GPZ.  The
Jardine header went on with no problems, so I buttened up the front end and
started her up, yeah, that sounds pretty sweet, no muffler.  Not really that
loud, and I needed to warm it up to get the bubbles out of the cooling
system.  Got some fresh antifreeze and mixed her up and guess who came by my
garage,....the cops!!!!  My stupid anal retentive, retired, nothing better
to do, neighbor across the street called the cops!!!  Could she come over
and say the bike was too loud???, ...NOOOOOOO.  Heck, my bike was in my
garage, not even in the driveway, my front door was open and the door to the
house through the garage was open.  I had the radio playing in the garage
and if any of you have idled a GPZ with an open pipe, you know it's not THAT
loud, especially if you're across the street!!!  That woman has called the
cops on me and my neighbors for having a block party and she thinks all of
the cats in the neighborhood poop in her yard on purpose, she even has two
signs in her yard, one with a dog, and another with a cat with a big red NO
cross across the animals.  Some people just don't have any clue how to deal
with others.  If she had just come over and said the bike was a bit too loud
it wouldn't have been a problem.  Now we get to wait to get our


On another note, the Andy supplied Jardine is now nicely baked in from
idling in the garage and the VHT header paint should be rock hard.  We'll
get her completely together tomorrow and take her out for a spin.  Then it's
rejetting, and the forks to be done and a progress report.





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