Need electrical analysis tools

Paul Landry p_landry at
Wed Apr 14 00:33:51 PDT 2010


Just saw this product in the May copy of Cycle Canada..
Might be a little more pricey than you are thinking but bet it much cheaper
on your side of the border.. 
Called a "Telltale", Argus Analyzers' Battery Bug..  See attachment of the
article from the magazine..  
No..  I did not get permission to copy this info..  ;-D

All I know about it is what is in this article.. 

Paul W. Landry
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Subject: Need electrical analysis tools

Hi, all... this isn't strictly GPZ related, but....

I am looking for some kind of gauge-pack for automotive electrics that 
does more than just show red-yellow-green for voltage.  

Anyone got any cool products in mind?
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